In what type of ceiling can I install these lights?2019-09-13T13:27:59+00:00

The traditional recessed lights are designed to fit perfectly in standard 6” ceiling. The maximum height of our units is 4 1/2”.



Do these lights have a fire protection?2019-09-13T13:25:32+00:00

Yes, These lights are equipped with overheating protection with an automatic thermal switch cut-off to prevent the risk of fire when overheating.

Do I need a new dimmer or can I use the one I already have?2019-09-13T13:22:13+00:00

You can keep the one you have. Our lights are compatible with the existing dimmer. For the dimmer list compatibility, please refer to the compatible dimmer list on the product page.


Can I install these lights in a non-insulated ceiling?2019-09-13T13:18:07+00:00

Yes. They are made to be installed in non-insulated or insulated ceilings.



What is the swivel angle?2019-09-13T13:16:14+00:00

These traditional recessed light swivel up to 25 degrees.

What is the beam angle?2019-09-13T13:10:10+00:00

The beam angle is 40 degree

Would this hold in a 3/4” wood ceiling2019-09-13T13:09:32+00:00

Yes, This light is made to hold in up to 2 layers of gypsum board.

What size Hole saw is needed for the cutout?2019-09-13T13:05:46+00:00

For the 3” –  3 1/4”

For the 4” – 3 7/8”

For the 6” –  4 1/2”


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